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Recommerce. Your way. Today.

Make trading in and shopping secondhand a seamless part of your brand's experience.

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Incentivise customers to trade in your products when they no longer need them, in exchange for store credit with your brand.

Stand behind the products you make, with a frictionless experience for trading in.


The average customer shopping used is 10-20 years younger than the average customer shopping new.

Create a delightful experience that’s authentic to your brand and build relationships with the next generation of your customers today.


Our favorite items often see the most wear and tear. Help your customers keep them in use with convenient, affordable repairs.

Coming soon.

Why Relished

True to your brand.

Relished is the only recommerce platform that deeply integrates into your existing e-commerce experience, with zero technical integration work required.

Your site

Launch a trade-in and resale experience built into your brand’s existing website, not a separate domain.

Your style

Relished automatically uses your website’s fonts, colours and styling. No designers or software engineers required.

Your customers

Let customers trade-in and shop secondhand through their existing customer accounts on your site.

Smart automation

Scale without the pain.

Smart pricing rules

Customers get instant quotes for trading in an item, based on what it is and what condition it’s in.

You have full control over quotes with our smart pricing rules.

Automated shipping

We're integrated with 100+ global carriers to offer customers instant shipping labels.

Use your existing carrier accounts for pre-negotiated shipping rates.

Instant store credit vouchers

Once your team has received and approved a takeback order, we automatically send the customer a store credit voucher personalised to their account.

Refurbishment partners

We’re building a network of reverse logistics, cleaning and refurbishment partners around the world to handle your recommerce ops.

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Ready to get started?

Launch takeback and resale today.

Get started today with the only recommerce platform that’s tailored to your brand and built into your existing e-commerce experience.

One click install

Get started in minutes

30 day trial

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Want to learn more?

Get a demo and find out how Relished can help build a recommerce experience that's true to your brand.

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